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Fighting Your Way Through

I came across this on Eric Ryan Anderson’s blog. So true. Wish I had come across this sooner so I could haveView full post »

Just because…

Found these today as I was going through some files. 🙂View full post »

Models Needed

I am currently looking for a few models for my workshop in August.  The workshop will be August 15-19th but theView full post »

Kim Hunter Studio: Portraits of a Writer


As a photographer who mainly shoots weddings and families, it’s really exciting to book a client who pulls youView full post »

Snack Time

The weather was just too nice to stay inside today, so a friend and I took our bikes out to do a little exploring onView full post »

Basement Portrait


I will always have a special place in my heart for film.  As much as digital photography has improved over the years,View full post »

Borrowed Beauty: Gallery Exhibit

I had my first gallery show back in October. While talking with a friend the other day I realized I never posted anyView full post »

2011 Pricing

Hello Everyone! As 2010 comes to a close, I’ve been working on my new pricing structure for the coming year. View full post »

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