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Featured on On To Baby

Hello long lost friends! It’s been a crazy two weeks since I packed up and headed out for Chattanooga. I’mView full post »

The Scotts

It’s always such an honor (and a total blast, I might add) to photograph Amanda and Boo…and theView full post »

Workin’ on the Road…

Monday morning marked the beginning of my month long trek around the southern states, and eventually down to theView full post »

Kim Hunter Studio: baby's first year photo shoot, baby photo shoot, peach tree photo shoot, photo shoot in field, baby portraits

Merritt Turns One!

If you follow my blog on any type of regular basis, then you’ll recognize the Kelley family.  I’ve had theView full post »

The Kelleys

I hope all of you have survived the madness that is Black Friday.  I don’t tend to do well in large crowds (withView full post »

The Haskin Family

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Haskin family a few times over the past couple of years.  I attendView full post »

Robert and London

I feel like I need at least two more bodies and a hundred more arms to stay ahead on work these days.  But pleaseView full post »

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